Hotel Info: 
Knoxville Marriott is booked.

Over the course of the winter and spring we filled up our contracted block of rooms, and then added to it twice. Unfortunately, neither we nor the Marriott could anticipate that the entire hotel outside of our room block would fill up. We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we searched for an overflow hotel.
We’ve negotiated a courtesy rate of $129 a night with the Knoxville Hilton which is on the Blue Trolley that runs to the Marriott.
Note that this is not a block of reserved rooms. To ensure that you obtain a room at this rate please make your reservations by May 22nd as their inventory allows. You can use the link or you can call the hotel directly by telephone ( above). If you choose to book Thursday and Sunday night, those nights are only available in the Executive Suites and you will need to call the hotel directly to have the courtesy rate applied.
The courtesy rate code is SCA17.
Some of our attendees have Hilton accounts. If you choose to release your room at the Marriott in favor of the Hilton, please contact the Event Steward and let us know so we can contact people who had interest in those rooms.

Event Information:

Event Fees:  $40 USD if received by June 9th 2017.  $45 USD at the gate.  Members enjoy a $5 discount.
All pricing per Meridian Law. (Price for Members: $35 by June 9 and $40 at the gate)

Event Reservations:

For reservations make checks/money orders (no electronic transfers or cash please) payable to “SCA-TN, Inc/Shire of Nant-Y-Derwyddon”

Please send a clear, at least 3 x 5 image of your heraldry with your registration. 

Mail To: 
Rhianon Mullholland
500 Rambling Rd
Kingsport, TN 37663

Phone:  423.726.2219 Before 9pm EDT
Email:  junowoman[at]gmail[dot]com

Fundraiser bags are available for pre-order.

Please use this Sales order when ordering tote bags.

Bags are $10 a piece and will be at troll. You must pre-order.